Children - born to be Yogi



"Actually, we bring from birth all to the world, what makes a good Yogi: For example, impartiality and openness towards all living beings", Alexandra Kretzschmar is convinced. Kretzschmar is course leader for children Yoga and brings once a week a lot of life, but also relaxation in the ASB-Hugenottenhof Kita. One notices immediately that the state recognized gymnastics teacher loves working with children. After all, she has more than 20 years of professional experience.

Kretzschmar herself came quite late in her life in touch with Yoga. But her enthusiasm did not diminish. As educator, it was obvious for her to bring also children closer to yoga. Her wish: "I hope that the children get to know their selves with Yoga better and remain ideally connected to it for a lifetime." According to Kretzschmar the children have the opportunity to discover and perceive their body and to develop a sense of what is good for them.


The interest in the yoga classes that are offered in small groups in the ASB Kita is very large. The children dance, crawl and meditate in the bright movement area of the Kita. Of particular importance is according to Kretzschmar that the children learn that not everyone can do everything. Nor may need. "I try to give a good example and tell or show the children also, that I, for example, do not come with my feet behind my head."


Discipline and performance pressure are not in the foreground. Rather, it's about fun, joy and a healthy mix of activity and relaxation. Hours of persistence in the lotus position of course would be too boring and tiring for the children. Therefore, they may between times dance wildly pop songs or play catch here. The children Yoga strengthens the physical and mental development of children. Virtually by the way, narrative games promote the language and stimulate the imagination. A combination of group and individual exercises also strengthens the self-confidence of the small yogis. According to Kretzschmar the uniqueness of each person and respect are in the front all the time.


The benefits of yoga for children at a glance:

• Coordination - important for the development of motor skills

• improve flexibility and prevent postural deformity

• interaction of both hemispheres of the brain - important for thinking, learning and later reading

• language training

• promoting concentration, patience and attention

• promoting relaxation and serenity - important in stressful situations

• developing the creativity and strengthen confidence

• promoting social behavior> compassion, respect, understanding

• Demonstrate awareness and respect for one's body

• Violence prevention 


Biography: Andrea Kretzschmar is a trained nationally recognized gymnastics teacher. As this she worked in day care centers with the label "professional educator for Music and Movement". By further later work as an educator, she received by the professional years the recognized equality as an educator with integration experience (20 years). Furthermore, she made two additional training as an instructor for children massage and yoga.

"Children are more creative"

Every Wednesday the children of the ASB Hugenottenhofkita have the opportunity to develop their technical skills. On this day the trained carpenter Mike Perkuhn provides two craft courses in the in house workshop . Approximately eight children come together for each course and create with custom built specifically for small hands tools birdhouses or toy cars made of wood.


Perkuhn founded together with the teacher and director of a daycare, Grit Fürstenau, in August 2009 the venture "craft with young people". Meanwhile Perkuhn gives courses in many kindergartens and even in some schools. The idea originated in Fürstenaus daycare: "We have observed in my means that although there are plenty of offers for the head, for the motor was nothing existing." The crafting also naturally promotes not only the motor but also the cognitive abilities of children. Fürstenaus Kita from then on was a pilot project and the craft with young people began.


 "Children learn very quickly," explains Perkuhn. From the first sawsing to a self-built car often it takes only a few weeks. Accordingly profound is the pride about one's ability to learn "To watch how they improve their motor skills is wonderful," enthuses Perkuhn. "In the beginning there was while working only silence and full concentration, over time the children got faster, more accurate and became able to speak in addition to the work." Again and again it makes Perkuhn glad to see how the eyes of a child radiate, when a car is ready and they can really play without it falling apart. "With the successive projects the motor skills of children are specifically yet subtle developed and skills are strengthened.


The exciting thing about working with children is that they work more creative than adults. "The kids do not think so much about how they are doing something, but just have plain fun." A small hand tools trunk of pine accommodates the specially made small tools. The educational and social effects of crafts provides practically along the way without the children , it being aware of it. "During craft courses we wait for another and of course help each other," explains Perkuhn. Moreover, it is a very valuable experience for the children that handmade wooden work can be used for playing. In addition, children can participate actively by expressing wishes for joint project works in the craft course. The offer seems to speak for itself: The number of participants is growing steadily and the children's joy to the next course and conclusion of the woodwork is literally in written their faces.

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