A Paradise for Children


The objective of ASB-Hugenottenhof kindergarden is to provide a cosmopolitan and bilingual English and German environment. Well trained and motivated teachers, including native English speakers, will assist the children on their way to becoming confident and caring individuals, as well as helping them to develop their curiosity and to gain a respectful relationship to other people and to their environment.
The goal of ASB-Hugenottenhof Kindergarten is to support children in their creative development in social, cognitive and motoric skills.
It is our ambition to promote physical health through the frequent use of our Kindergarten's sauna, and sport activities such as gymnastics, swimming, and outdoor activities at our own playground. We provide a balanced diet, periods of learning and meditation and focused language development. We also encourage children's curiosity for natural science through playing and experimenting. We work in so called „half-open groups”, which allows the child to freely choose between several activities or to opt for the warmth and security of staying with their group teachers.
One of our main priorities in the ASB is the development of empathy and readiness to help others.
The project Arbeiter-Samariter-Jugend Berlin “Rettungsschlümpfe”(rescue smurfs) will be introduced into our kindergarten from the very beginning. This program teaches children at early ages how to deal with small injuries, for example how to put on a plaster the right way and discusses questions like “Why am I bleeding?”, “What is blood?”, etc. This training for children to become “Rettungsschlümpfe” serves the purpose of developing and strengthening their personal awareness as well as their competence in case of injuries (How can I help?). “Helping” will be taught and implemented without fear and under the motto “Helping is fun!”
The close co-operation with parents is of major importance to our teachers. Besides parent meetings and parent evenings we will introduce a parent Cafe to further encourage the dialogue between parents and teachers. The ASB-Hugenottenhof kindergarten's ambition is to become a center for the residents of Französisch Bucholz in order to support the development of children outside the daycare.
We will set up an association to promote the ideals mentioned above and to encourage the engagement of parents by recognizing their suggestions regarding excursions, short trips and other interesting projects.
The first children between the ages of 1 to 6 will be accepted at our kindergarten in the year of 2014/2015. We are pleased to offer 40 places for children under three years of age. Initially our kindergarten will be opened from 06.00a.m. until 06.30p.m. (with the intention of an eventual extension until 09:00p.m.).

For all enquiries contact  ASB-Landesverband Berlin e.V.

Dr. Jutta Anna Kleber, 030 - 21307 112, info(at)

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